marque : LOON
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For optimal sharpness and a clean cut, these tying scissors feature one micro-serrated blade and one smooth razor sharp. The knorled tension knob on the blades allows for precise adjustments of tension.

Tying scissors with razor-sharp blades – One is micro-serrated, the other is smooth and razor-sharp – Tension control knob for precise adjustments – Length 10 cm

La marque LOON

Created in 1991 in the United States, the LOON duck brand is now a benchmark in the fly-fishing market. Based in IDAHO in the north-west of the USA, the company specialist in the creation of fishing tackle and fly tying accessories. From the outset, this human-scale company had the excellent idea of focusing on the manufacture of non-polluting products for aquatic environments. Today, LOON is exported all over the world and maintains an image as the benchmark 'ecofriendly' brand for fly fishermen.

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